Sara Paretsky, the american crime writer, writes on facebook:

„I have a friend who persuaded her law school to provide a women’s toilet. After a year of repeated requests which were ignored or denied, she hung up laundry in one of the men’s bathrooms–lingerie, pantyhose–until everyone felt embarrassed enough to change the label on the door.
In China, it’s not so easy. Five Chinese women activists, seeking an end to similar woes, and to much more serious problems of sexual violence, harassment and an absence of women in management positions, are now in prison for their protests. Two are quite ill and are not receiving medical care. To learn more about their situation and to see what we can do to support them, I consulted a report on Amnesty International. They are extraordinarily courageous, as are the women who are also risking imprisonment by signing petitions on their behalf.“

Die Idiotie ist allüberall gegenwärtig oder um es mit der Ersten Allgemeinen Verunsicherung zu sagen: Die Blöden sind immer und überall.

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