Ach ja, die moderne Kunst erweitert unser Bewußtsein und schärft unsere Wahrnehmung. Mit anderen Worten: Kunst dient dem Humanismus. Das beweist der folgende Artiekl im GUARDIAN:

>>The Tate has come under fire after it asked members of staff, many of whom are not paid the London living wage, to contribute towards a boat for the departing director, Nicholas Serota, just one week after their canteen discount was taken away.

A notice which went up in the staff rooms of both Tate Modern and Tate Britain on Wednesday asked employees – including security, cleaners, and those maintain the galleries and work in the cafe and gift shop – to “put money towards a sailing boat” as a “surprise gift” for Serota.

The notice said management had thought “long and hard” about an appropriate gift for the director, who is leaving in May after 28 years at the Tate. “Nick loves sailing and this would be a lasting and very special reminder of the high regard which I know so many of us have for Nick and his contribution to Tate,” the plea for donations added.<<

Zum vollständign Artikel:

Und dann war da noch BDI-Chef Grillo:

BDI-Chef Grillo hält Rente mit 85 für denkbar