Vor vier Jahren schrieb die amerikanische Schriftstellerin Sara Paretsky auf facebook:
>>One of the worrying side-effects of the Trump campaign is the hatred it has brought out into the mainstream. Holocaust deniers, the KKK and others feel they now have a legitimate public voice, one who hears their issues and treats them with dignity. We are going to be dealing with this aftermath for a long time.<<
Und ich möchte hinzufügen: Wer Hass sät, wird Hass ernten.

Und der amerikanische Schriftsteller Dennis Palumbo:

>>Watching the sobering returns. Maybe Biden will win by a narrow margin. But there’s no joy in Mudville. The cat’s out of the bag about America. Racist, ignorant, xenophobic, sexist and anti-intellectual. Also rabidly intolerant of empathy and compassion. The country has looked at itself in the mirror and it isn’t pretty.<<